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What the H*!! Is Office365 and Why Would I Want It?

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Barron K. Henley,
54 Minutes
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Office 365 offers a compelling combination of desktop software, cloud applications, document/email management, and other cloud services.  In other words, it's far more than Word, Outlook and Excel. We'll "crunch the numbers for you" and cover the many reasons why an organization would elect to go with Office 365 instead of buying Microsoft Office on disk. We'll also give you a comparison between Office 365 and Google's G Suite. If you already subscribe to Office 365, there are dozens of extra applications that come with it you could (and should) be using - and we'll explain all of them. Learn how Office 365 works, what it does best, and the different packages available. You'll soon see why over 155 million people subscribe to Office 365.


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