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D3. Emerging Issues in CLE: What New Topics and Themes are Coming Down the Pipeline?

Ronnaè Smiley |  Ms. Elisabeth Steele Hutchison
47 Minutes
Audio and Video


Staying ahead of the curve in CLE is always a challenge, so this session is aimed at helping keep one step in front. Come and explore two emerging topics – communicating effectively on webcam and microlearning.  
Elisabeth Steele Hutchison is going to show us how to communicate effectively on (web) camera, by applying lessons from cinematographers, YouTubers, and online gamers OF COLOR. Elisabeth has provided this training to more than one thousand persons involved in higher education since the pandemic began.  
Ronnae Smiley will then explain the concept of micro-learning, a concept commonly used to guide course development and classroom activities in the education industry. However, it has applications outside of the classroom. In this session, Ronnae will explore what micro learning is, show examples of microlearning principals in action, and provide you with a framework you can use to apply microlearning principals to your work.



Ronnaè Smiley's Profile

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Six Red Marbles

Ronnaè Smiley has almost 20 years of experience, creating learning experience for K-12, Higher Education, corporate and government clients. He is currently a Learning Experience Designer for Six Red Marbles, one of the largest, full service, educational content providers. In addition, he also does freelance consulting work. He holds two undergraduate degrees from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan and a master’s degree in education from Baker College in Flint, Michigan. He currently resides in Austin, TX with his wife. 

Ms. Elisabeth Steele Hutchison's Profile

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Work from Home University, LLC

Elisabeth Steele Hutchison is a faculty member at the University of Hawai'i Law School. She developed a passion for helping her colleagues teach and present on camera during the Law School's move to online courses. Elisabeth has provided training to more than one thousand persons involved in higher education since the pandemic began.

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