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Boot Camp
Lucas Boiling |  Raymond Lee |  Timothy A. Slating |  Karen Lee |  Karie Trujillo |  Bernadette J. H. Lawson |  Mindy Thomas Fulks |  Jeanne Heaton
1 Hour 54 Minutes
Audio and Video


Now that you've been introduced to ACLEA's Boot Camp, it's time to check out the full on-demand video training program covering the basics you need as you begin your career as a CLE professional or as you transition to a new position in the CLE profession. Our speakers use a variety of online presentation formats to demonstrate the options available to you — video only, video with slides, and audio over slides. 

CLE Boot Camp On-Demand Additional Sessions Agenda

Technology and CLE

(20 minutes)
Learn how to maximize technology in your daily operations, programming, marketing, and website presence .
Lucas Boling, The Missouri Bar

Programming Best Practices

(35 Minutes)
Determine how to balance the unique qualities of your CLE programming with the common best practices of others.
Raymond Lee, CLE BC  

Technology and Publications — So Much Information and So Many Choices!

(20 Minutes)
Discover the latest trends in online publication delivery and some key pointers that you’ll need if you’re joining an existing publications department or starting to publish online.
Tim Slating, Illinois State Bar Association

Back to Basics: Marketing

(14 Minutes)
The fundamentals of marketing your CLE products and getting creative in showing the value and brand of your programming. 
Karen Lee, Oregon State Bar Association
Karie Trujillo, Markowitz Herbold PC

In House Perspectives

(5 minutes)
Learn some of the unique perspectives of the In House CLE professional and best practices on how to chart your course.  
Bernadette Lawson, Joseph, Holander & Craft, LLC

Top Ten Tips for Working with Contributors

(15 Minutes)
Learn helpful tips on how to work with speakers, including best practices, pitfalls to avoid, and how to keep a good relationship with your volunteers.
Mindy Thomas Fulks, Tennessee Bar Association

ACLEA Welcome and Overview

(3 Minutes)
On behalf of the ACLEA executive committee we officially welcome you to our association and provide  a brief overview of opportunities available to you in our association.  
Jeanne Heaton, Illinois State Bar Association



Lucas Boiling's Profile

Lucas Boiling Related seminars and products: 1

Director of Membership Services & LPM

The Missouri Bar

Raymond Lee Related seminars and products: 1

Program Lawyer

Continuing Legal Society of BC

Timothy A. Slating's Profile

Timothy A. Slating Related seminars and products: 1

J.D., Assistant Executive Director

Illinois State Bar Association

Karen Lee Related seminars and products: 1

Director of CLE Seminars

Oregon State Bar

Bernadette J. H. Lawson's Profile

Bernadette J. H. Lawson Related seminars and products: 2

Practice Support & Development Manager

Joseph, Hollander & Craft LLC

Mindy Thomas Fulks's Profile

Mindy Thomas Fulks Related seminars and products: 1

Director of Membership and Leadership Services

Tennessee Bar Association

Jeanne Heaton's Profile

Jeanne Heaton Related seminars and products: 1

Director of CLE

Illinois State Bar Association

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