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Building Resilience in a Time of Change

Total Credits: 1 CAE

Mumtaz Chaudhary
46 Minutes
Audio and Video


In today’s competitive business environment, change–as they say–is the only constant. Individuals who want to lead successful careers must develop the capacity to lead and adapt to change. Change is a necessity for survival.

Since this pace and intensity are not likely to change, we need to find ways to be resilient in the face of it. What is resilience? Why is it even necessary? Can I become more resilient? The good news is that resilience, like any skill, with practice, can be learned.

In this session, we will explore three ways of developing personal resilience at work. Mumtaz will share the “what” and “why” behind resilience and what characteristics distinguish resilient leaders and teams from others. You will come away with actionable strategies and helpful tips for enhancing your resilience and becoming wildly successful in your career.


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